Námskeið í matreiðslu með Gert Klötzke

Athygli matreiðslumanna úr röðum félagsmanna er vakin á þessu áhugaverða námskeiði með Gert Klötzke. Um er að ræða 8 stunda námskeið sem kennt er 17. nóvember á Hilton Reykjavík Nordica. Nánari upplýsingar á vef IÐUNNAR.

Hot Kitchen & Culinary Arts Competition Seminar

World chefs Competition Seminars are designed for ambitious chefs seeking to join the honourable ranks of World chefs Certified Judges. Attending a specialized Competition Seminar is mandatory part of the process. Participants are awarded a certificate of participation that can be submitted as one of the required credentials in an application to become a World chefs Certified Judge. Culinary Arts & Hot Kitchen, Pastry Arts, Carving, Community Kitchen and Vegan/Plant-Based Competition Seminars are all eligible to submit as part of the application.

Chef Gert Klötzke is a Certified A Judge, Chairman of the World chefs Culinary Competition Committee, and one of the key instructors in the World chefs Competition Seminar program. A well-known competition chef and judge, Gert has won numerous awards on the international culinary scene, including Chef of the Year in Sweden. Gert has spent over a decade mentoring the next generation of competition talent. He was Sweden’s team manager at the Culinary Olympics in 2000 and 2004, where Sweden was Overall Winner, and at the Culinary World Cup 2002 as well as Basel 1998. Gert continues to advise several teams in Europe. Most recently, he was the appointed Competition Trainer for the National Culinary Team of Finland, which came in 2nd overall at the 2016 Culinary Olympics.
Gert is also the Gastronomic Adviser for the Nobel Foundation and an Honorable Doctor at University of Umea, where he has served as a Professor in Gastronomy.